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Read the wide range of reports and white papers published by Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week and its partners, which examine the key topics, trends and policies sharping the world’s sustainability agenda

March 2021 | ADSW

ADSW Summit white paper Work Invest

The paper captures the key takeaways from the 2021 ADSW Summit (3/3).

March 2021 | ADSW

ADSW Summit white paper: Care & Engage

The paper captures the key takeaways from the 2021 ADSW Summit (2/3).

March 2021 | ADSW

ADSW Summit white paper: Live & Move

The paper captures the key takeaways from the 2021 ADSW Summit (1/3).

January 2021 | Atlantic Council

Mapping green innovation ecosystems

The report assesses the value of greentech-innovation ecosystems.

January 2021 | Atlantic Council

The 2021 Global Energy Agenda

The Atlantic Council surveyed hundreds of leaders in the energy field, and this report summarizes their responses.

January 2021 | Standard Chartered in partnership with ADSW and Masdar

Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Finance in the UAE

The paper addresses key considerations to ensure the market continues to grow and achieve global sustainability goals.

December 2020 | ADSW

2020 – 2030 A Decade For Action Report

The paper captures the key takeaways from the

January 2020 | Middle East Solar Industry Association

Solar Outlook Report 2020

The annual report highlights trends in the solar industry from the past year.

January 2020 | Masdar

People and Spaces

The report sheds new light on why public spaces must have their place in the urban planning process.

January 2020 | ADSW

The Power of Digitalisation: Transforming Energy for a Sustainable Future

The report examines how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the way we live and work.

January 2020 | IRENA

10 Years Progress to Action

This booklet charts global advances over the past decade and outlines key objectives for a new Decade of Action.

January 2020 | IRENA

Advancing renewables in developing countries

The report reviews the progress of IRENA and Abu Dhabi Fund for Development clean energy projects.

January 2020 | IRENA

Wind energy A gender perspective

This brief tracks the presence of women across the wind energy value chain.

January 2020 | Atlantic Council

Energy sector diversification

This report focuses on four nations that are predominantly reliant on the oil and gas sector.

January 2020 | Atlantic Council

The Role of Oil and Gas companies in the energy transition

The report examines the role of the oil and gas sector in the global energy transition.

February 2019 | ADSW

Future Sustainability Summit Whitepaper

The paper captures the key takeaways from the 2019 Future Sustainability Summit.

January 2019 | Atlantic Council

Sovereign Investors: A Means for Economic Diversification

The report provides case studies of four sovereign wealth funds.

January 2019 | Atlantic Council

Meeting East Asian LNG Demand

The report explores the demand for LNG and its impact on global shipping routes.