ADSW 2023

Bringing together the global community to reshape economies, embrace new technologies and build a sustainable future

masdar adsw

Hosted by Masdar, ADSW 2023 will play a crucial role in ensuring momentum between COP27 and COP28, while enabling impactful dialogue between all global stakeholders on practical, pro-climate, progrowth solutions for a net-zero future.

ADSW 2023 will follow the outcomes of COP27, providing an opportunity for the global community to turn ambition into action, by forging partnerships, committing investment and launching technologies and solutions that can accelerate sustainable development around the world.


The 2021 edition of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week took place virtually, hosting over 500 global speakers, representing 170 countries with ADSW events receiving more than 1.7 million views online.